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Why am I here? Why this office?

When to schedule a consultation:

  • No symptoms or discomfort, Dentist notices "something unusual" on a radiograph.

  • Non localized discomfort in the mouth

  • infections that do not resolve after one course(or two or three) of antibiotics

  • Teeth with root canals that have discomfort

  • Traumatic injuries 

  • 2nd opinions

  • Introduction to the office/meet the Endodontist

  • Health Issues you want to discuss

A consultation is a time to have your questions answered.  You are able to meet the endodontist and see why you were referred to a specialist.  An Endodontist received 2/3 years of additional training.  We are not weekend warriors going to a 4 hour lecture.  We are hands on, all day, every day.  We look at the same radiograph; teeth; tissues; supporting structures differently than general dentists.  Our goal is not to tell you you need a root canal.  Our goal is to communicate why you need a root canal or treatment options.  If you require treatment, you may not be able to receive treatment on the same day.  We may require a 2nd opinion from a different specialist-Periodontist or Oral Surgeon.  We may want to discuss options with your dentist to avoid unnecessary treatment.  


When we are able to determine if you have an endodontic related issue:

  •  Scheduling requirements

  •  Appointments required to complete treatment

  •  Pre treatment medications for infection/comfort/prophylactic antibiotics

  •  Financial responsibilities 

A consultation is a great way to build confidence, trust, communication building and advanced information.  Endodontists love to have a head start.  

All Care Endodontic Chicago patients can get email reports- just ask!

Clinical Examinations

If you know you need treatment and have discomfort this is designed for you

We do not trust anyone-paranoid behavior? Yes!  Nerve pain can refer to head/neck/adjacent and opposing teeth.  Seeing is believing.  

If you can not localize your pain; or, if it is not obvious, please do not take pain medications prior to your appointment.  Anti inflammatories and antibiotics will dull your responses and that is frustrating for both you and us.  No fear- we will immediately solve your issue.

Clinical examinations include:

  • Radiographs- Full tooth and adjacent.  Sometimes we require angles and different types.

  • Very modern technology- we tap on the teeth-healthy first for baselines

  • Ice testing- brutal yes-however, it is necessary to determine healthy for comparisons.  We do not test the tooth in question-unless we need to.

  • Pressure testing to determine if there is a fracture

  • Periodontal evaluation

  • Palpation

  • Microscopic and Intra oral camera for surface abnormalities

  • Anesthetic testing

  • and 3 Dimensional Imaging.

Treatment will proceed after confirmation and localization.  The difference between consultation and clinical evaluation is pain and time.  The relationships we have built over the years with referral sources, is beneficial for all patients.  We call in advance and get the latest X-rays and review them prior to your visit.  

We communicate treatment needs and perform treatment/pain management.  

Second Opinions

Differing Theories; Treatment Direction or Conformation

You were not confident in the first opinion; or you are not satisfied with your test results.  


Some patients were sent to a Periodontist or Oral Surgeon.  


Some are frustrated and lost confidence in their dentist.  


Patients change dental offices and the dentist wants a second opinion to reinforce treatment plans.  We are an independent source to confirm and communicate from our side what we see.  


If you have unanswered questions or want to listen to another point of view, schedule a consultation. All we ask is that you are honest with us and we can work together for your best interest. 

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