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Surgical Microscopes


An Endodontist is not a dentist that may spend a few weekends in courses. We have 2-3 years of dedicated, structured and hands on training in the diagnosis and treatment of pulpal tissues.  Endodontics is the most advanced of the dental specialties.   A restorative dentist may treat  a few teeth a month.  In comparison, Endodontic specialists are evaluating and treating-or not- 6-10 teeth a day.  


We have improved prognosis and treatment outcomes with the utilization of surgical microscopes.  The microscopes provide increased magnification and direct LED lighting.  We utilize this technology in the diagnosis stage.  New can see craze/fracture lines that are missed with by the naked eye.  During the treatment phase, microscopes aid in visualizing calcified canals, interior walls and deep into the roots canals.  We are able to preserve tooth strucuture, and remove decay.   This technology allows for ideal placement of medications for repair and root fills.  Why would you not want this available equipment?


Microscopes + 3 Dimensional Imaging + Specialized training = Improved Outcomes and Greater Patient Comfort and Infection Control.  


Why would you settle for less?